During my career as a performer and as an educator I have always felt that for my students the gap between college studies and landing a first job is sort of a musical vacuum.
Being extremely involved in the demanding musical life of a conservatory, and then being ‘thrown out' into the real world, could create a certain fear and a sense of loss for many young talented performers. That is where The Mount Vernon Virtuosi come in...

Our orchestra’s main goal is to serve as an artistic base, which provides a platform for those young performers to continue their musical journey on stage, and keep their artistic growth, while getting ready for the tough auditions ahead.

We investigate and recreate programs of classical concerts from the 19th century, thus sharing a much more cohesive presentation of musical entertainment to the public. Programs will have separate movements of pieces, solo playing, verbal engagement with the public, reciting poetry and much more.

Amit Peled
Music Director
Mt. Vernon Virtuosi